Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Missing photography :(

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I've had to neglect my photgography somewhat for a while, I've had a problem arise with the memory card on my camera, I can't upload any photos to my computer, even a brand new card I bought recently is having the same problem.

So now I have to send the camera to fuji film to find out the problem, it's quite a complex one, cos they don't even know what it might be.

So I decided to order a new camera, I wasn't too keen on my current one anyway, insha Allaah will sell it on when problem is fixed.

So I really can't wait to start taking some photos again, which I can actually put online and edit etc.. I've missed it, and I need to re-start the online photography course I was doing with proud photography.com.

For now I just wanted to share a photo I took last year, which I had on my flickr but I don't think I'd posted it on here.

There's a slightly bigger one below.

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