Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Blooming Hyacinth/ School of photoshop

Masha'Allaah it's amazing how quick this Hyacinth bloomed,when not so long ago it looked like this...

Sadly the flowers on it have all now withered, but I'm hoping there will be new ones growing soon, insha Allaah.

On another note, one resource I'm currently making the most of is the
'School of photoshop', as you can guess by the title, it is of course about 'photoshop'. I've had CS3 for a while now, and have tried the odd tutorial, but became overwhelmed with the huge amount of tools photoshop has to offer.

I like the way this tutorial is broken down, into preschool - Getting started in photoshop, Kindergarten - Using palettes, first grade - photoshop's toolbox, and so on. Last night I started grade 2 :) (just like being back in school :D )which introduced 'Layers' I have dabbled a little with them before, but this really helped me understand alot more how they work, I can't wait to get started on grade 3! insha Allaah 'selection tools'.

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