Sunday, 15 March 2009

Taking things further.

I've been a little slow at taking pictures since starting up this blog, which is mainly just a place to store my pics. There doesn't seem to be much to shoot right now, and not alot of colour around, and mainly probably due to myself being such a total beginner that I haven't got that 'thinking outside the box' attitude in me, which I'm hoping will develop as I learn god willing.

My husband recently brought home a camera that his brother no longer needed, it's a Cannon power shot A95, pictured below,

I've read some good reviews on it, so I'm hoping it's going to help me shoot some better pictures than what I currently am on my camera phone, lol. Well, we all have to start somewhere!:)

Tonight I've signed up for a course at proud, which is quite flexible, and let's you fit it around your own schedule, which is really important for me right now. I'm looking forward to starting it, hopefully this week god willing, and getting more of an understanding of what I'm doing. There's more to just 'taking a picture' alot of it comes down to the person taking the photo, amongst other things.

I'm planning to go and visit my parents in a couple of weeks in Wales, god willing, as you proceed further into the valleys, there are mountains all around, hopefully by then I'll have a few tips and techinques up my sleeve, and be able to put them into practice.

Lately I've been thinking alot about Wales, we don't live there anymore, but there are some beautiful places, like in Cardiff there's the bay, and channel View (a picture I took before I left,below), Roath Park, I would love to go and visit agaian soon and take some nice pictures. Here in Birmingham where I am, there's not that much pretty scenery, we have the park, but not much to see there at this time of the year, oh well, with summer not too far away, things should start brightening up soon.

Channel View, Grangetown, Cardiff.

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