Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Feeling somewhat surreal

My Special Place

If I seem distant, as if a thousand miles away,
If I appear not to hear what you say.
There are times that no matter how much I care,
I turn around and give you a totally blank stare.

I am not really uncaring, I care very much,
But at times like these
I find it hard to smile and such.
On those days when I am distant and far away,
I'm in that place that is healing and peaceful today.

Each of us sees our most private of spaces
As where we can go, our most favorite places.
We never intend to close others out,
We only know what will turn us about.

So remember when you find me so far away,
And want me to come back and play.
What I need is your patience for me
And I promise the same when you also flee

To that most “Special of Places”.

-Lynda Leigh

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