Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Daily Shoot.....

Well it's a gorgeous day here in Wales, really want to get out with my camera and take some outdoor pics, which I haven't done for ages! but may have to postpone for another day, as my mum may be coming, it's been weeks since she came last, due to her car being off the road.
But before I get off the computer and start tidying like a mad woman, I wanted to share a website I just came across called The Daily Shoot , they post assignments each day on Twitter which after completing you can then upload to one of the photo sharing sites, like flickr for example, and then tweet a link to your photo to share.

The idea is to encourage you - The photographer, to get your camera out and start shooting, as they say 'practice makes perfect!' So I may have a go at this insha Allaah.

Also wanted to share a photo I added some textures to yesterday, it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it, one of the textures I used is 'northern lights' by pareerica, you can find the texture on flick here , I've used it on another photo and I just love the effect it gives, I also used a texture by Kim Klassen. Hope you like it :) ....

Textures by Kim Klassen and Pareerica


  1. hey Naimah,i love this one and texture used here.u know,i love texture too. :D