Sunday, 20 March 2011

While at the park........

We've had some gorgeous weather the past couple of days, so yesterday I took the kids out to the park to get some fresh air, it was lovely :)  While sitting on the bench relaxing, my daughter brought me some flowers, I only had my iphone, but couldn't resist taking a few pics.  Nowadays I prefer using the iphone to take photos, maybe it's the editing I can do there and then, then post and share, hhmmm....

I noticed yesterday that someone had cracked my right wing mirror on the car, I was not happy, especially as a couple of months back a few times we had nails in our tyres.  Just the other week also our neighbour had her back window of her car cracked and eventually ended up shattering, so I'm not sure if it's the same person targetting some of the cars here, but whoever it is it makes me really annoyed, these people don't have any respect for other people's property, if it happened to their car, well....probably the whole world would know about it. 

But enough ranting for today, the weather's gorgeous again, I want to enjoy my day insha Allaah :D


  1. Hay stranger, as-salmau alaykum very nice masha-Allaah

  2. wa alaykum assalam! I know we haven't spoken for ages, hope you and the family are all well, we're good alhamdulillah :) Thx for the comment.x

  3. I looooove the colours! How did you do them. Great blog by the way. Following it. Please follow mine :)

  4. Hi, Thanks for stopping by and welcome! :)

    I actually took these photos on my iphone with one of the photography apps, I can't remember at this moment which one it was, I have quite a few on there!

    Will go and have a look at your blog now, and thankyou also for your kind comments.