Monday, 24 October 2011

Down on the beach...

I took these on our recent outing to Barry Island, with 4 kids in tow I didn't manage to get many photos, but I was quite happy with these two.  Now that I'm back on the road I want to try and explore Cardiff a bit more with my camera, since I've moved back here I  haven't taken many outdoor shots, and have been slowly starting to run out of ideas of what to capture around the home! Hoping to visit Penarth Pier soon, maybe Roath Park, there's some beautiful places here just need to get out and see them!


  1. i love both of the beach picture.. would look just fab on my walls in canvas! :) looking forward to more! :) xx

  2. Thx for stopping by Sarah, I was wondering how they would turn out on canvas, would like to put one in my bathroom! xxx

  3. these are so beautiful!