Friday, 14 September 2012

On a cloudy beach.....

Hello & Salaams!

Popping back in to post a few recent pics I've taken, My youngest broke his arm on Sunday, which meant an overnight stay at the hospital, he double fractured his arm, but he's doing really well alhamdulillah.

Took a nice afternoon trip to Barry Island a few days ago, the weather wasn't really on our side that day, was lovely when we got there, but as soon as we got up a bit higher on the mountain the dark clouds started moving in, think its the first time I've actually been at the beach when it's rained, which was kind of nice in a way :)



"All by myself......don't wanna be all by myself.....! "


Have got a few more photos I need to edit, will post them shortly insha Allah (God willing)

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