Thursday, 20 September 2012

Venturing into Manual Mode....

Hello & Salaams!!

Well I've been busy here snapping away! Trying to stay a bit more consistent with my photography, it's so easy to lose motivation, but I've found the best way to keep it going is simply to get out there and keep shooting (photographic subjects of course!!). Lately I've ventured off to Barry Island and Penarth Pier, which I would really love to return to very soon god willing, maybe on a less cloudy day.

For most days you'll find me searching my average sized garden for interesting things to shoot, much to the amusement of my neighbours if they every catch sight of me out there! Some of the best shots are taken down low by the floor,which means getting a tad dirty, but thats the price you pay I suppose :)

Just a few days ago I decided to dive into the world of manual mode setting, taking full control of my camera, rather a daunting task, but I was up for the challenge nonetheless!


That day the wind was my biggest challenge, so I aimed for a high shutter speed, and also tried out lower shutter speeds just for experimental purposes. I'll continue practicing in manual mode, although I do find myself often returning to aperture mode, but it is a step away from automatic, so slowly making progress I suppose :)

Right now I'm really considering buying a new camera, I currently use fujifilm s200exr which is a pretty decent camera, but I think I'm now ready to move up to a DSLR, preferably Nikon or Canon, better start the saving fund then!! But I look forward to the day when I can get my hands on one! insha Allah (God willing)

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